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Which Visas We Can Help You With

Business Visa

Are you a current business owner or high-level executive? Find out which of the many types of visa are available.

Employer Sponsored Visa

Are you a skilled worker with employment already lined up? Discover how we can
help you!

General Skilled Migration

Migrating to Australia based on your field of study or expertise? Find out which visas you’re eligible for!

Partner Visa

Are you or your partner Australian citizens? Discover how we can help you get a visa with full working rights!

Family Visa

Have family who are Australian citizens? You may be eligible for different types of family-based visas. Find out more.

All Other Visas

There are countless other Australian visa options you may be eligible for. Find out how we can help now!

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Discover The Quickest And Easiest
Way For You To Get An Australian Visa

The Best Melbourne Migration Lawyers to Improve Your Chances of Getting Permanent Residency in Australia

If you want the best chance of getting your Australian residency, contact Think Visa. We offer free phone consultations to determine if we can help you.

Our fixed pricing means you save time and money on your Visa Application. We’re the experts in making migration simple.

If you need a migration lawyer in Melbourne, or anywhere else in the country, turn to the team at Think Visa.

We can help you with the visa options that suit your needs

Think Visa is experienced in managing the applications for these visas:

● Business Visa
● Employer-Sponsored Visa
● General Skilled Migration
● Partner Visa
● Family Visa
● And many other types of visa options that you could eligible for – just contact us today for a free phone consult

Think Visa has a 98.7% visa approval rate – we’re the migration experts

The process for becoming a permanent resident in Australia can be extremely stressful. Let Think Visa handle your visa application to give yourself the best possible chance of approval. Contact us today to find out more.

The Fast And Simple Way To Avoid Visa Rejections

If you’re unsure of the visa application process or don’t want to risk losing thousands of dollars in application costs – then you’re in exactly the right place. We help you get your Australian visa approved in a simple and affordable way so you can have a better life and working conditions for you and your family.

We’ve already helped thousands of people start their lives in Australia with our fixed price service which has a 96.3% success rate. Find out how we can help YOU do the same!

Save Time, Money & Stress With An Accurate Visa Application

When your visa application is rejected it can cost you thousands of dollars in application costs and in some cases 6, 12 or even 18 months of your life – and you could lose your family and dream of living in Australia. With over 40 years collective experience we know exactly what visa is best for you, which documents you need and which format they must have.

We average 33% faster processing times on visa applications because of our industry knowledge and reputation with the Department of Immigration. When you make a visa application through our service the whole process is easy, convenient and stress-free.

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The Think Visa Advantage

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Here’s Just a Mere Fraction of What You’ll Discover In Your Consultation…

  • WARNING: You Could Be About To Make A Huge Mistake
    Applying by yourself and being denied costs you thousands and may ruin your chances of getting your visa approved in the future!
  • The TRUTH About Getting Permanent Residency In Australia
    What you don’t know CAN hurt you – and this is certainly the truth when it comes to you getting your permanent Australian residency
  • 3 Simple Ways We Slash Visa Application Processing Times
    These simple yet highly effective methods are the reason we get your visa processed 33% faster than if you did a DIY application
  • How To Get Your Visa Even If You’ve Been Denied Before
    If you’ve been denied it’s near impossible to get approved again right? Wrong! Find out how to keep your Australian dream alive!
  • Which Australian Visa Is The Easiest For You To Apply For
    There are so many options, so which visa do you pick? We’ll show you the visa types you’re eligible for which have the most benefits
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Discover The Quickest And Easiest Way For You To Get An Australian Visa

For A Visa Until You Read This

Do not apply and risk being rejected before you read our Australian visa application guide, ‘5 Fatal Visa Mistakes That Could Get Your Application Rejected – And How To Avoid Them’. This exclusive guide shows you the most common and costly mistakes people make when applying for a visa. You’ll know exactly how to avoid these expensive traps which could result in you getting denied and separated from your loved ones. Be sure to download your FREE copy now while it’s still available.

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Our Team Of Lawyers and Migration Agents

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Richard Tan

Principal Migration Agent

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May Tan

Finance Director

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Michelle Yu

Principal Solicitor
Registered Migration Agent

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Mayvis Goh

Marketing, Tech & Operations
Events Coordinator

Lisa Zhang

Lisa Zhang

Migration Agent
Education Agent

Rayner Chia

Rayner Chia

Sales Development Consultant

Sarah Teoh

Receptionist & Office Manager

Meena Zamary

Sales Development Consultant

Zoe Nottas

Zoe Nottas

Legal Assistant

Gunjan Mullick

Gunjan Mullick

Migration Agent

James Shin

James Shin

Migration Agent

Miguel Valderrama

Migration Agent

Vanessa Tok

Vanessa Tok

Migration Agent

Ahmad Lababidi

Ahmad Lababidi

Migration Agent

Nicholas Colautti

Nicholas Colautti

Legal Assistant

Shiva Gerami

Shiva Gerami

Migration Agent

Young Xu

Young Xu

Client Relations Consultant

Annie Ladera

Annie Ladera

Client Liason Officer

Wakeel Amin

Wakeel Amin


Ryan Lee

Ryan Lee

Legal Assistant

Michael Bascon

Migration Agent

Maria Wesley

Legal Assistant

Shary Pineda

Accountant & Secretary to CEO

Alleli Tabla

Digital Marketing Specialist

Over 10,000+ Successful Visa Applications And Counting

“To All future applicants, I want to strongly recommend Think Visa for their outstanding work and professionalism for helping me to achieve my goal and find me work. Their work was fantastic and trustful and I will not hesitate to recommend any of my friends who are willing to go for a better future.”

Trevor H, UK

“It was really easy to deal with people at Think Visa. They are highly professional and are perfect in their work. I highly recommend them to everyone and will come back to them for further assistance. Thank you Think Visa and thank you Richard for helping us get our Permanent Residency.”

Yuyan H, China

“After hearing about Think Visa and reading the reviews we felt we had to call for an appointment. We were relieved knowing that they were able to set the direction and apply for the right Visa. Everything ended up stress-free, THANKFULLY! We would definitely recommend their services.”

Yi Zhen, Malaysia

“Great and friendly attitude! Professional staff and very informative and helpful consultation! Wasn’t sure about the cost at first but after going through the process with them and receiving a successful outcome, it was worth every penny.”

Leanne H, UK

“Richard has been very honest with the time frame and costs. I am surprised that i got my partner visa in just a short time after submitting to them all the needed documents to process my request. I believe that our decision to use the expertise of this firm was the best decision we made. Thanks Richard for all your great work and for giving us the confidence to pursue a life here in Australia with my partner.”

Aseel B, Syria

“Professional advice and ongoing step-by-step instructions over the complex process of documentation which gave us more confidence as we went along the process. We definitely recommend Think Visa to everyone who wants to succeed in their application with peace of mind.”

Sompa S, France

“Their advice, experience and service were invaluable and they finalised the process much faster than anticipated. Our experience with Think Visa was very positive and I will have no hesitation in using their services in the future or recommending the firm to others”

Amer S, India

“Thanks to the advice from Think Visa, the application was successful. They really helped make it an ease full process and it has worked out beautifully for all parties. I would definitely recommend them.”

Afshin M, Iran

“It was wonderful news to hear that we had been successful with our visa application. Your advice and guidance was invaluable and our questions always answered quickly. We had no idea about the amount of red tape involved in the visa process, and how a simple mistake could delay the process, without your keen eye for detail!”

Betty O, Africa

“Thank you very much to you and to all the Think Visa team on behalf of myself and Hector, for successfully supporting us in getting our Permanent Residency! You’ve made the entire process much less daunting than we initially thought, and delivered what we expected. Many thanks for your ongoing support!”

Emilie L, Melbourne

“I'm sorry for this late reply because we have been lost in happiness with the result. I can thank you enough for your superb service!! I would like to send my special thank to Richard for his amazing work with my skill assessment. It is truly MAGICAL!!! Above all, you guys have shown a great prestige and work ethics. I will definitely recommend you to all of my friends who are seeking for PR visa.”

Tuan P, Vietnam

Our Peace Of Mind Guarantee

When you decide to let us help you with your Australian visa application you are always covered by our guarantee.

In the extremely unlikely event your application is not successful on the first try, we will reapply for you at no extra cost – hassle-free, no questions asked.

We can’t be fairer than that.

FREE 15-Minute
Phone Assessment

Don’t risk rejection by applying for your Australian visa without the right advice. Find out everything you need to know about obtaining or renewing your Australian visa in your free, no-obligation 15-minute phone assessment.

Here’s what you’ll discover…

  • Possible complexities that may arise from your circumstances.
  • Your basic eligibility – preliminary identification of the availability of a possible pathway.
  • Explanation of what will be provided when you book an in-depth consultation with us.

Fill in your details now and within 1 business hour, someone from the Think Visa team will be in contact with you to understand your circumstances.

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