Pathways to business migration in Australia

By September 17, 2018Blog

Do you aspire to become a business owner? If yes, how about starting your business in Australia?

The Australian market possesses certain attractiveness that makes it an ideal place to start a business. Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in Australia :-

  • Knowledgeable and skilled workers – Having one of the highest literacy rates, it is not difficult to find people who has the relevant skills and knowledge to run your business in Australia. Overseas skilled workers can also be employed through the general skilled migration or temporary work visa.
  • Affordability – Australia has one of the richest middle class in the world who are enthusiastic about trying new things. If your business is able to project a certain touch of uniqueness, then it is likely that your business will bloom.
  • Convenience – You can start a business online as Ecommerce has become popular in most Australian cities, if you do not wish to invest heavily in a commercial property.

You will need to be familiar with the relevant immigration routes and identify which route suits you best when considering starting a business or migrate to Australia as the owner of the business or investor.

There are two main categories of visas which people can opt for themselves or for their workers :-

Residence visa

  • Business Talent (Migrant) visa – A permanent visa granted to people with a history of successfully owning a business or people who have venture capital funding in Australia.
  • Business Innovation and Investment (Residence) visa (subclass 888) – A permanent visa which may be granted if the Applicant can demonstrate he has an established and operative business in Australia or a maintained investment in bonds.

Temporary visa

  • Significant investor visa (subclass 188) – This visa may be granted to investors who are willing to invest $5 million in Australia.
  • Business visitor visa – This visa allows people to visit Australia for short term business purposes or to scout the market for business related opportunities.
  • Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa (subclass 188) – A visa which is valid for four years and it is available to business owners and investors.

So if you have plans to start a business in Australia, it is crucial to consult an experienced migration agency to discuss the best strategy to secure the right visa for you. Please contact Think Visa for a customised migration plan! We can be contacted on +61 3 9078 6819 or email us at Alternatively, visit our website on for more information.