New review of the Skilled Occupation List places many positions at risk

By August 22, 2016Blog

Over 52 occupations have been flagged on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) 2016-2017 . The department has undertaken a review of the SOL each year, and are looking at removing various occupations including health professionals, including specialists, engineers, taxation accountants, barristers and solicitors to name a few.

It is also suprising how the health department alone is pushing to scrap 41 jobs, including anaesthetists and GP’s.

The flag for removal of these occupations from the SOL simply means there is no emerging need or there is an excess supply in the current labour market. The implication of these occupation removals from the SOL does not leave much time for candidates who are wishing to nominate themselves under these occupations. They are now required to do so before the finalisation is complete on the 1st of July, 2016.
The List of occupations flagged by the Department of Education and Training as follows;

Flagged occupations

Flagged occupations

Flagged occupations

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