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Making the immigration process smoother

When you want to move permanently to Australia, there are many important procedures which must be followed in a particular order if you don’t want your application to be rejected.

Since the cost of Australian immigration visas is so high, you certainly won’t want to have to start over because of some mistake that has been made. When you work with Think Visa as your immigration lawyer in Sydney, we help you avoid those costly mistakes that can set back your application or even result in the visa being rejected.

Our consultants are experts in immigration services in Sydney, so you can trust them to get everything right the very first time.

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Reasons to move to Australia

  • Australia is a young and growing country in a key strategic position for trade with Asia and the Americas. It is a constitutional democracy with relatively good political stability and is generally a peaceful country with generally law abiding citizens.
  • Australia provides excellent opportunities for business, employment, and education. Sport is also quite important in the national culture, and there is a thriving arts industry.
  • Australia is primarily a nation of immigrants, so no matter where you are from, it is likely you will find a community of expats from your own country who can help you integrate into Australian society.
  • Australia has a quite good environmental policy, and one of the lowest air pollution levels of any nation.
  • Australia has a low population density, so although there is a large population in the cities, it never feels too crowded.
  • Australia has an excellent public health care system and a network of private health care insurers and providers you can choose from as well.
  • Australia is a big country with many different regions and environments for you to explore. You could never hope to see the whole country in one lifetime, but you certainly could travel extensively and experience a lot.

What it’s like to live in Australia

Most Australians live in the coastal regions of Australia, because the climate in the Australian interior can be extreme. Even so, there are some people who live in the interior.

Once you’ve moved to Australia, unless you are already very rich or have somebody to support you, you will most likely need to get a job or start a business. Working in Australia is excellent in comparison to most other countries in the region.

Australians earn good salaries for the work they do, and most people work a maximum of 40 hours per week. There are part time, full time, and temporary jobs available.

Schools and colleges in Australia are exceptionally good. Education in Australia is universal and compulsory for children, optional for adults, and the literacy rate among Australian adults is close to 100 percent.

Australia has good policies regarding people with disabilities, and has strict anti-discrimination laws that prohibit discrimination against people due to disability, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, nationality, and other factors.

Australia encourages and supports immigrants to integrate into Australian society, and there are many organizations which have been set up to help immigrants to find housing, find work, start businesses, socialize, obtain health care, and apply for social security.

What it’s like to live in Sydney

Sydney is a harbour city with one of the most laid-back lifestyles you will find in any major city of the world. Even so, it is a thriving and fast-paced centre of commerce, where most of Australia’s largest companies are headquartered.

People in Sydney love to go to the beach, and there are numerous beaches along the coast. Generally the closer you live to the beach, the higher the cost of housing will be.

There are all kinds of foods available in Sydney, although some of your favourites from your own country might be a bit different from how you remember them. That’s because it can be difficult to obtain all the ingredients in Australia, and sometimes the ingredients can be a bit different.

There is good public transport in Sydney, making it easy to connect between different areas of the city even if you don’t have your own private transport.

You will find plenty to see and do in Sydney, and once you’ve seen and done it all, there are other areas of New South Wales and Australia to explore.

Think Visa are Australia’s premier migration agents servicing Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra.

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