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Moving to Australia is a big step, and you really need help from experienced migration agents in Canberra to help ensure the whole process goes smoothly from start to finish. Think Visa can provide an immigration lawyer in Canberra to assist you, so you have expert advice every step of the way.

Why choose Think Visa for your migration agents in Canberra?

We are Australia’s leading experts in migration law. We have the resources to help with every immigration situation, and we have a nationwide network of agencies. Think Visa is the biggest and best company dealing with immigration to Australia.

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With help from an Think Visa immigration lawyer in Canberra, you have the best chance of having your visa application approved. This is especially important for permanent immigrants, as you will spend many thousands of dollars for your visa and there can be considerable time involved in the processing.

If there is even a single mistake in your application, it can set the process back by months, and in the worst cases could even result in the rejection of your visa application. Since the Australian government does not refund application fees where the applicant is at fault, mistakes are much more expensive than hiring expert help to make sure your application is perfect.

Moving to Canberra

Canberra is Australia’s capital city, and is located in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). This means it does not have a state government, and is instead an autonomous federal territory similar in this respect to Washington DC in the United States. Police and other emergency services are provided by federal employees.

The city is landlocked and located close to the Brindabella Ranges. The climate is seasonal, with relatively mild summers compared to the rest of Australia and quite cold winters. It is the only major Australian city to receive snowfall often, although it is still quite rare.

The main attraction for moving to Canberra is the relatively low cost of living. With no state taxes adding to the cost of goods and services, the prices for many things in Canberra and the nearby NSW city of Queanbeyan are much lower than equivalent items in the rest of Australia.

The higher cost of housing in Canberra means many new settlers wanting to live near Canberra opt to live in Queanbeyan instead and commute to Canberra.

The unemployment rate in Canberra is also well below the national average unemployment rate, so there is more opportunity to obtain work in Canberra.

Living in Canberra

Canberra is the least culturally and ethnically diverse major city in Australia. It also has the least diversity in age, with only about 13 percent of the population being aged over 65.

As a federal territory, the ACT is very well looked after. It is a clean city with a generally law abiding population (crime rates are significantly below national averages).

Canberra is a very small city, and it is possible to see every significant landmark and tourist site in less than one day.

The main sport in the ACT is rugby league, followed by basketball, athletics, cricket, and soccer. Because the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) is located in Canberra, the sports profile of Canberra is not in line with the rest of Australia, and many sports that have minority status elsewhere are more significant in Canberra and have better representation and attendances.

You should choose Canberra if you’re attracted to living in a small city with big influence. The distance to Sydney is close enough that you won’t feel isolated. Any time you want to get a break from living in Canberra you can simply hop on the train and visit Sydney for a while.

Think Visa are Australia’s premier migration agents servicing Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra.

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