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Our Melbourne immigration lawyers have one goal – to successfully help you immigrate to or from Australia. We have an incredibly high success rate of 98.7% approvals for visas we manage, which is due to our thorough processes and high standards. We know what it takes to give your application the best chance of succeeding.

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Think Visa are your expert consultants for immigration services in Melbourne. We have branches in every Australian state and territory, with the biggest network and the best resources to ensure you get the right information and top quality migration services.

Whether you are looking to move to Melbourne from overseas or become an expatriate from Melbourne to some other place in the world, Think Visa have everything you need to make your migratory dreams become a reality.

We will provide an immigration lawyer in Melbourne dedicated to assisting you with making your move possible. Our meticulous standards and adherence to correct procedures has helped to make us the most successful immigration agent in Melbourne. If you want more certainty and less worry, choose Think Visa for your immigration services in Melbourne.

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Moving to Melbourne

Melbourne is the capital city of the state of Victoria, the smallest mainland state in Australia, which is approximately the size of Italy. The city itself is massive, with suburbs sprawling over almost 10 square kilometres. That’s nine times more land area than the city of Los Angeles, but with only about one million extra people, Melbourne feels much less crowded than LA.

Obviously with so much area to cover, a good public transport network is essential, and Melbourne has one of the best you will find anywhere. Served by trains, trams, buses and taxis, it is very easy to get around.

Most housing in Melbourne’s suburbs is low-rise, typically single storey. The most sought after properties tend to be either new and modern houses or Federation style houses, which is a distinctive design type from the early 20th century.

Families with children will find Melbourne offers an excellent range of schools, with both public and private school options. Education is a strong focus of the Victorian state government, which is trying to promote the state as “The Education State”, a motto imprinted on Victorian car license plates to remind everyone how smart they are (or could potentially be).

Melbourne also provides some of the best hospitals in the world, and has always been a strong contender in research of serious health problems such as heart disease, cancer, and HIV. Melbourne’s microsurgeons are also ranked among the world’s finest.

Living in Melbourne

Melbourne has a seasonal climate, with four seasons ranging from very hot to moderately cold. The summer unofficially lasts from late November to early March, with a very short autumn before the truly cold winter sets in from June to August. Even on the coldest days, it will never be anywhere near as cold as a winter day at the equivalent latitude in the northern hemisphere.

The city is remarkably well suited to outdoor leisure, with plenty of public parks and gardens, nice beaches, and well-preserved state forest and national park areas.

Sport is huge in Melbourne. The most popular local sport is AFL football, and everyone (no matter how long they have been in Australia) is expected to be spiritually bonded with a team. It could be a good idea to select the team you want to support before arriving in Australia, and perhaps choose a team that is actually from Melbourne.

Horse racing is the next most popular sport, followed by rugby league, cricket, soccer, lawn bowls, greyhound racing, field hockey, baseball, and basket ball. Other sports don’t attract as much of a following, but you can easily participate in any sport you can imagine with the exception of curling and bob-sledding. It is possible to participate in other winter sports, including ice skating, ice hockey, skiing, snowboarding, etc.

Those with religion will find that whatever religion they follow, there will be many places of worship available to them. There are Christian churches of every denomination, Buddhist temples, mosques for the Muslims, synagogues for the Jews, Hindu temples, Sikh temples, and even Zoroastrian temples.

In general, Melbourne is a peaceful and relatively safe place, especially for such a large city with such a large and culturally diverse population. The climate is comfortable most of the year, but can sometimes be very hot in summer. It is a good place for raising a family, with excellent schools and hospitals, abundant places of worship, and plenty of open spaces for exercise and leisure.

Attractions of Melbourne

Melbourne is not a very tourism-oriented city, and has relatively few genuine tourist attractions in the city itself. The prime attractions include the Royal Melbourne Zoo, Melbourne Aquarium, Werribee Safari Park, Eureka SkyDeck, and Crown Casino.

Many other attractions listed as “Melbourne attractions” in travel guides are either not exciting enough, aren’t actually located within the Melbourne metropolitan area (day trips required, at least), or aren’t unique enough (you could do them anywhere).

That’s not to say there’s not plenty to see and do in Melbourne. Watch an AFL game at any of the many football stadiums around the city, see live horse racing action at one of the inner city’s four tracks, stroll in the Royal Botanical Gardens, visit the National Gallery of Victoria, and, well… there is always plenty on offer. We just wouldn’t call these things “attractions”.

Melbourne could be your best choice

If, while reading this, you found yourself feeling more and more interested in visiting Melbourne, it’s possible Melbourne is a place you would want to live. But it’s also important to bear in mind that this is just some text you are reading on the Internet. It’s not the same as getting direct answers to your own personal questions.

To really find out if Melbourne is the right match for you, the best action you can take is to talk with the experts in immigration services for Melbourne at Think Visa.

With some actual interaction with a real live immigration lawyer in Melbourne, you’ll be much better able to decide about making the move to Melbourne. If by some chance Melbourne doesn’t seem to be the answer you were looking for, don’t despair.

Australia has many other great cities to choose from (and other lovely places outside those cities), and Think Visa can help you with advice on all of them. Choose Think Visa as your immigration agent for Melbourne, or anywhere else in Australia that interests you, and you’ll be sure of getting the best advice and excellent service.

Think Visa are Australia’s premier migration agents servicing Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra.

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