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Adelaide is one of the best major Australian cities for immigrants to consider. There are huge communities of European and Asian immigrants in Adelaide, and South Australia is the most left-leaning Australian state, which means it welcomes immigrants with open arms.

That’s not to say it’s necessarily a lot easier to migrate there. You’ll still need to jump through all the hoops put in your path by the federal government, but the state government will welcome you with open arms.

Think Visa can help you get the best chance of successful immigration by providing you with an expert immigration lawyer in Adelaide to assist with your application.

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Why choose Think Visa as your migration agents in Adelaide?

We provide many services to prospective immigrants, and we’re Australia’s leading immigration experts. You can trust Think Visa to provide a top quality immigration lawyer in Adelaide who can help you with everything you need to make the process of immigrating to Australia as smooth as possible.

What happens if you don’t have an immigration lawyer in Adelaide?

Applying for a visa all on your own is possible, but without expert help it can be considerably more costly. The high cost and long processing time of immigrant visas to Australia means any mistake is quite devastating to your prospects.

Even minor mistakes could set your application back by months, while more serious mistakes could result in your application being rejected. The government will not refund your money if your application is rejected, so having an expert lawyer to assist you in the process is definitely the smartest move.

Living and working in Adelaide

Adelaide is a relatively small city, and it’s very easy to get around. You can see most of what Adelaide has to offer in just a day or two. The rest of South Australia offers more to explore, but the primary business, work, and study opportunities are in the city.

One of the main industries in South Australia, and certainly the one held in highest regard, is wine production. There are many existing farms dedicated to this (and other agricultural pursuits), and some of the world’s best wine producers reside here. If you have the financial resources and expertise, you could consider joining their ranks.

There is also a mining industry where you could find work. Otherwise most businesses in South Australia are small to medium businesses, often with family ownership and management.

Housing costs in Adelaide are not expensive compared to Victoria and Western Australia, but the cost of electricity is quite high.

Adelaide has a good public transport network with buses and metropolitan trains, as well as interstate trains and bus services available. Taxis are also abundant, though the costs are much higher than other modes of public transport.

To the west of the city, there is a huge coastal area, some of which is available to you via Glenelg Beach, one of Australia’s best beaches. Best of all, it’s not overcrowded like some of the eastern beaches, so you’ll have more room to stretch out and enjoy your time there.

Other beaches include Henley Beach and West Beach. They’re not quite a match for Glenelg, but they have their own distinctive charms and may be a little closer to where you live.

The arts are important in Adelaide. Many great artists have made their start in South Australia or at least spent some time working there. There just seems to be something about the place that inspires people to create. Adelaide also hosts many arts and music festivals throughout the year.

Sport is a bit under-represented in South Australia. The main sports are Australian football and cricket. The city has two AFL teams, the Adelaide Crows and Port Adelaide Power. The latter club is currently involved in a major project to establish Australian Rules Football in China, an innovation sponsored by Shanghai Cred.

All in all, Adelaide offers a rich enough diversity to suit any lifestyle. There are abundant opportunities for small business, good schools, decent hospitals, excellent public transport, and everything placed inside what might be Australia’s most picturesque city.

Think Visa are Australia’s premier migration agents servicing Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra.

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