Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (Subclass 482)

Previously Subclass 457

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The TSS visa is the most commonly used work visa program by employers to sponsor and recruit overseas skilled workers on a temporary basis for 2 years with a renewal pathway of another 2 years.

The TSS visa is primarily intended to provide streamlined temporary entry arrangements for Australian and Overseas businesses to fill skill shortages that cannot be met from the local labour market.

There are three main streams available for this visa:

  • Short Term Stream
  • Medium Term Stream
  • Labour Agreement

Basic Requirements

To qualify for a TSS visa, the applicant must have an employer who is willing to sponsor them. There are three steps involved in the application process:

Step 1: Business sponsorship

An employer must lodge an application to become a standard business sponsor. Once approved, the sponsorship is usually valid for 2 years. Among other things, an employer must:

  • Demonstrate that It is a lawfully operating business
  • If the business is in Australia, it must have demostrated commitments to employing local labour
  • The business has no releant adverse information
  • Satisfy the training benchmark by demonstrating recent expenditure allocated to training Australian employees (contribution amount dependent on business turnover)
  • If a sponsor is awarded accredited status, they wil receive prority processing of all nomination and visa application

Step 2: Nomination

The employer must then:

  • Nominate an eligible skilled occupation on the relevant occupation list
  • Provide evidence that labour market testing has been undertaken (if applicable)
  • Demonstrate that the nominated employee will be paid a minimum salary of $53,900 per annum, and at a level consistent with the market rate salary applicable to an Australian employee within the Australian labour market

Step 3: Visa application

The individual must then apply for a visa application inside or outside Australia, and demonstrate that they have:

  • The requisite skills, qualifications, experience and employment background to match the nominated position
  • (Certain trade occupations may require a formal skills assessment)
  • Vocational English language ability (exemption available for certain passport holders)
  • Any relevant licenses or registration required for the nominated position (if applicable)
  • An adequate level of health insurance in Australia
  • Satisfied certain health and character requirements

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