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AIMS are the premier Australian migration agents, ready to assist you with all your Australian visa needs. We have a network of top immigration experts nationwide, and the resources to help ensure your application has the best chance of acceptance.

Our success rate is unmatched. We have already helped thousands of new Australians to immigrate, and we look forward to helping you become the country’s newest resident.

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Why migration agents for Australia are necessary

There is no legal requirement compelling a visa applicant to hire the services of a migration agent. Experience, however, shows that not having an agent to assist you may significantly diminish your chances of success.

Australian visas are quite expensive, especially those which are pathways to permanent immigration, and the processing time is quite lengthy. If you make any mistakes at all in your application, it could be delayed for months, and in the more serious cases it could be rejected outright.

That’s an expensive and frustrating process to go through. The relatively small fee of retaining an agent to ensure this doesn’t happen to you is a very sensible investment.

Reasons to choose AIMS as your Australian migration agents

  • Fixed price services, no surprises from hidden fees
  • The best advice from expert immigration lawyers
  • Our solutions are tailored to meet your specific circumstances
  • Our success rate is very high
  • We provide great customer service and follow up.

How we make a big difference

Getting your visa is just the first hurdle to get across on your journey to Australia. The next step is to actually be admitted into the country, and it is at this point that many people slip up.

Just having a visa is not a guarantee that you will be allowed in, or that your admittance will be unconditional. Australia takes border security and quarantine very seriously, and if there is any cause for concern (whether warranted or not), any of the officers in protective services could deny you entry.

AIMS helps you avoid suffering this fate by properly preparing you for your entry to the country. We will make sure you know what you should and should not do, should and should not bring, and should or should not say. With our assistance, you are unlikely to be turned away at the border.

Why Australia is a good choice

Australia is a big country with a diversity of environments to settle in, so you can choose the place that you feel most in tune with. From the tropics of Queensland and the Northern Territory to the quaint English-style villages of Tasmania, it is a truly amazing place.

Approximately the same size as the United States, but with a population of only somewhere between 20 and 30 million people, Australia has one of the lowest population densities on Earth, and if you’re coming from somewhere more crowded, you’ll feel amazingly comfortable in Australia.

While the climate during the summer months can be quite hot, most days are blissfully warm and sunny. Tasmania, Victoria, Canberra, and highland areas can get chilly in winter, but there is a natural beauty to the landscape during the season that more than offsets the cold. Besides, you can always dress in extra layers if you feel the cold.

The country is a politically stable democracy. It is a relatively peaceful nation with a low crime rate, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press.

If you love sport, you’ll be right at home. The national passion for sport is incredible, and there is a huge range of sporting action always on display all around the country.

Employment opportunities are good, and the unemployment rate is low. Australia is also a great place to start a small business.

Australia is a good choice for study as well, with many quality universities and TAFE colleges to pick from.

As an island nation, one of the obvious attractions is the abundance of fabulous beaches. Imagine uncrowded pristine white sand beaches stretching as far as the eye can see. Some beaches, such as Sydney’s Bondi beach, are quite the opposite, but they’re popular for a good reason.

There are also many national and state forests to explore. Mountain trails with towering gum trees or pines, a thrilling chorus of exotic birdsong, and opportunities to glimpse unique Australian wildlife.

The population density is so low, it just feels amazingly quiet compared to most parts of Asia, Europe, and the United States. Every suburb of major cities will have practically everything you need within easy reach.

If you live far from a major city, you may find you need to occasionally commute to access certain types of services, but in general most country towns are well stocked and serviced. The exceptions are the remote outback areas, but if you choose to live in these areas you’ll already be expecting the conditions you’ll meet there.

Australia is a country with something for everyone, and it is certainly a fine place to consider immigrating to. We look forward to helping you with your move.

AIMS are Australia’s premier migration agents servicing Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra.

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